Claire Driscoll | Life in Colour

Claire Driscoll | Life in Colour


One word to describe Clarie Driscoll Delmar’s style? Sophisticated. Claire’s blending of
texture, materiality, tone and colour, elevates a space to one which is timeless and
elegant. The creative director at STUDIO CD lends her expertise to a diverse range of
creative practices; both residential and commercial interior design and styling, editorial
interior, food styling, visual merchandising, and advertising campaigns. Claire is truly a
design chameleon.


We spoke to Claire about her trend predictions for 2022, her special spaces and what the year has in store for STUDIO CD. 

Tell us what you predict the colour / trend of 2022 will be?

I’m definitely seeing more blues and deep chocolate browns appearing in colour palettes, so I predict we will be seeing plenty of those shades filtering into homes, and we can also expect the re-emergence of chromes and silvers.

What are three things that are inspiring you right now?

The potential of overseas travel and planning my sourcing trips seems tantalisingly close now. I’m also really looking forward to revealing some collaborative projects I’ve been working on for a while, and engaging in new collaborations with like-minded, passionate creatives.


What are you working on at the moment?

STUDIO CD has never been busier. Our projects are always incredibly varied and currently include several residential interior projects, furniture packages, advertising and editorial shoots, collaborations and personal creative endeavours. We have a very busy, but very rewarding year ahead.

What’s your favourite space in your home? And why?

I have always considered my kitchen and dining spaces to be the heart of my home. This is where I share meals with all the people I love and indulge in my passion for cooking, which was passed onto me from my mother and now the whole family enjoys. Whilst yet to be renovated, it’s the meals that come out of my kitchen and are shared at my table, that make these my most special spaces.


What influences your personal style and home / lifestyle?

My personal space is practical, child-friendly and I like to have everything in a dedicated place or behind custom joinery. The old adage of ‘clean house, clean mind’ rings true for me. If my home or office spaces aren’t organised (or behind closed doors) my mind can’t be clear to be creative.

View Claire’s incredible projects below.