Vintage Dining Table


True beauty can be found by enhancing what’s underneath, not hiding it. When it
comes to vintage pieces, we tend to adopt the same mantra.

Hunting down that perfect vintage find requires patience and skill (and the odd bit of
elbow-nudging at the flea market), so why put all that time and energy into uncovering
your unique treasure only to hide its individuality?

Our range of stains and varnishes are stylish and ideal for updating your beloved
timber pieces without hiding the personality of your timber’s grain.

Need some inspiration? @hausandvogue shows us the possibilities with her dining
table refresh below. The look was achieved using our Stain and Varnish in Chocolate
Walnut on the table legs, and Prooftint in Teak Brown and a coat of Clear Varnish on
the top.

These warm, chocolate tones are the perfect anchor for a room yet subtle enough so
they won’t overwhelm the space.

Ideal for your furniture, cabinetry and trim - consider these shades your hero hues.



vintage dining table