How To Achieve a Weathered Grey Look for Your Deck


If you dream of relaxing on a traditional timber stained deck than this Feast Watson exterior project is perfect for you. You can achieve a new look and spruce up a tired old deck in a single weekend without breaking your back. The stunning colour range of Traditional Timber Oil’s allow you to customise the look of your deck to suit your home, while providing modern style.


Our homes are a sanctuary, they need to be functional and stylish; a place where we can feel comfortable and relax. More than ever our homes are also becoming a reflection of our unique tastes and style. It is also true that outdoor spaces, such as our decks, have become just as important as our home’s interiors. Decking extends your living space and a well-chosen decking oil can provide the same satisfaction as repainting your interior walls, completely lifting the areas appeal. The effort you spend coating a deck is well worth it, especially if you think about all the time you spend outdoors. Investing time in maintaining your outdoor living space is also a great way to get more use of your home overall, not to mention an easy way to increase the value of your property.


But don’t worry if you’re guilty of letting your deck go and underutilising this space in your home, re-coating with a quality timber oil can bring it back to life in no time. Your deck can once again become a space to be utilised, enjoyed and envied by the neighbours.


Selection of colours is important as you may have a particular feel or look you’re are trying to create. Luckily Feast Watson’s range of Traditional Timber Oil has a look to suit your taste. For example if you are after a classic timber finish you may select a Natural or Merbau timber finish. These colours will give you a timeless look that will suit your home’s interior and exterior for years to come. A Wet Look decking oil brings a classic element to your home, especially if you are going for ageless sophistication. Lovers of modern style may choose the Matt Look Decking Oil, or the recent on-trend colour, Weathered Grey.


The weathered timber look achieved by the Weathered Grey Traditional Timber Oil is proving popular, as it suits most styles of homes and is very easy to apply and maintain. The benefits of using a high quality oil are undeniable, you will save time and money in the long run by investing in a penetrating oil that won’t ruin your existing timber decking. Feast Watson’s Traditional Timber Oil provides 6m² per litre coverage and can be reapplied within hours of initial application. As with all timber finishes, 2 to 3 coats should be applied and (depending on your deck size) you can get a 4 and 10 litre pack size. The earthiness of the grey timber decking achieved by this timber oil is subtle and simplistic, creating a relaxed vibe for your decking. 


Once you have selected your desired exterior timber oil you can start preparing for a fun weekend with results that totally transform your deck area into that sanctuary you long for. First collect your materials. Surprisingly, there are not many products needed to start this project and you should be able to find most materials in the shed or around your home. 



download how to coat a deck guide



What you need:

  • Feast Watson’s Traditional Timber Oil- Weathered Grey (grab a pack size appropriate for the coverage of your deck)
  • Feast Watson Woodlean- Exterior Timber Cleaner (available in 1 and 4 litre packs)
  • Hose
  • Stiff bristle broom
  • Squeegee
  • Bucket
  • Applicator brush or pad
  • Clean old rags
  • Stirrer
  • Pressure washer


Step One: Sweep down the deck

Clear everything off your deck and give it a good sweep. You want to remove dust, dirt and leaves so you they don’t remain on your timber. 



Step Two: Hose down your timber

Ensure all timber is thoroughly wet before cleaning the deck. You can use your garden hose or a high-pressure hose.



Step Three: Dilute Feast Watson Woodclean

Dilute 1 part Feast Watson Woodclean into 4 parts water in a large bucket. Make sure everything is mixed in well.




Step Four: Scrub the solution into the timber

Using a stiff bristled scrubbing broom, scrub the timber vigorously to remove dirt and contaminants. Leave the solution to penetrate for 20 minutes.

Keep the surface damp or wet and do not let Woodclean dry on the timber. Protect nearby plants, paint and other surfaces with plastic sheeting as Woodclean may cause erosion.



Step Five: Wash off

Using a high-pressure hose or pressure washer, wash off the Woodclean solution. Allow the timber to dry completely before applying Traditional Timber Oil in Weathered Grey.



Step Six: Apply Traditional Timber Oil in Weathered Grey

Prepare Traditional Timber Oil in Weathered Grey by stirring well and pour into a bucket for easier application. Try to avoid introducing bubbles.

Apply Traditional Timber Oil in the direction of the grain, 3-4 planks at a time. If using a roller or spray, back brush the coating to ensure even penetration.

Make sure end grain and edges are full coated.



Step Seven: Allow time to dry

Allow to penetrate for 30-60 minutes, then wipe off excess product with dry applicator or clean cloth before the surface becomes tacky. Allow to dry for another 60 minutes.



Extras: Applying to bare timber

If you apply to bare timber you will need to apply a second coat, allowing the product to penetrate for 30-60 minutes. Wipe off the excess. Allow to dry for 18 hours before light foot traffic.



To Finish:

Once your deck is fully dry, you can reintroduce your deck furniture, pot plants and style pieces.

Refreshing your already coated deck is also very easy, you can just stick with one coat of your chosen Traditional Tiber Oil colour. If you prefer a richer colour you can apply a second coat. You will know when to recoat by monitoring your timber for signs of colour loss, dryness and weathering. Recoat the timber when it begins to show signs of dryness to help maintain its natural beauty and protection. As a guide, most decks will need to be recoated once every 12-18 months, however with a top-quality oil base like this, the process of recoating the deck is usually quicker than initial application.



Once you have completed this exterior timber decking project you can simply enjoy your new, beautiful deck. The satisfaction of seeing your deck transformed into a fully functional and stylish outdoor living space is undeniable. The warmth and earthiness of Feast Watson’s Traditional Timber Oil in Weathered Grey will extend that homely feel to your outdoors. No doubt family and friends will enjoy the freedom of settling into a comfy chair on your new-look deck. Unbelievably, the transformation is achieved over a weekend and the results will be enjoyed for many years to come.