How To Protect Your Timber Furniture

 Timber is a natural product containing oils and water soluble tannins which escape when exposed to the weather. To prolong the life of your timber furniture and keep it looking beautiful, coat with Feast Watson Outdoor Furniture Oil.


What you need:

For new outdoor timber furniture, coat the timber prior to exposing it to the weather. 


Clean the furniture Coat the furniture Wipe down furniture to remove residue






Step One: Clean It.

Wipe timber with a damp cloth to remove dirt and other contaminants prior to coating, this will ensure best results.


Step Two: Coat It.

Apply Feast Watson Outdoor Timber Oil to all sides of the timber by brush or spray.


Step Three: Wipe It.

After 30 minutes, wipe the surface with a clean cloth to remove any surface residue. Dry times will vary with climate conditions, review the can label for guidance.


 Step Four: Coat It Again.

Applying a second coat after 12 hours will extend the life of the coating.



If your outdoor timber furniture is existing and ready for a maintenance coat, follow these steps.


Step One: Clean It.

Clean timber with Feast Watson Woodclean, following the label instructions.


Step Two: Coat It.

Allow surface to dry completely and recoat with two coats of Feast Watson Outdoor Furniture Oil.