Armchair Refresh 

Our furniture holds our treasured memories, developing depth and character over time. Whether it’s a family heirloom or a thrifted find, preserving our furniture means more than just giving it longevity. It also means preserving the life that it has lived.

@homebyhall used our Timber Floor Wax to protect a gorgeous inherited piece, and to remind us that everything old can be new again. Our hard wax oil preserves the timber’s natural grain and colour, while imparting a soft, matt finish.

How to get @homebyhall’s look:

1. Thrift a promising pre-loved chair.

2. Sand back any previous coatings, exposing the timber’s gorgeous natural grain. Ensure that any excess dust is wiped off before continuing.

3. Thoroughly stir Feast Watson Timber Floor Wax with a flat blade stirrer, taking care not to introduce any bubbles. Remember that our Timber Floor Wax can be used on any interior timber, including furniture!

4. Apply your first coat of Timber Floor Wax with a brush or cloth.

5. Allow to dry. Hint: If you notice any grain rise, lightly sand it back with 240 grit sandpaper, being careful to avoid sanding through the coating.

6. Apply a second coat of Timber Floor Wax to achieve a sumptuous matt finish which seals and protects your timber.

7. Allow to dry and enjoy your chair’s restoration to its former glory!