Transform A Vintage Table With Feast Watson Timber Floor Wax

In a world of fast-moving trends, some classic simplicity can feel like coming home. A
return to the natural beauty of your favourite timber pieces might just be your most
refreshing idea yet. This vintage table transformation by @hausandvogue reminds us
that true beauty always lies beneath the surface

Our Timber Floor Wax was used to breathe new life into this timeless table. This clear,
hard wax oil enhances the timber’s natural beauty without concealing its charm by
applying a protective, matt finish.

How to get @hausandvogue’s look:

1. Thrift a pre-loved table with plenty of potential.

2. Sand back any previous stains or coatings to reveal the natural timber beneath. 

3. Hose down your table to ensure that it is clear of any dust or debris. 

4. Stir Timber Floor Wax with a flat blade stirrer to prepare it for application.

5. Use a brush or cloth to apply an even coat of the wax to your table. Don’t let the name fool you, our Timber Floor Wax is highly versatile and can be used on most interior timber surfaces.

6. Once the first coat has dried, apply a second coat to provide lasting protection and a sumptuous, natural finish.